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..this is not an SUV...

Crossway vehicles, built by OVIK onto the CENTAUR heavy duty chassis, are available to order in a range of specialist body configurations ranging from a simple chassis cab or pickup to fully integrated, armoured command and control vehicles, ambulances or long range patrol vehicles. The CENTAUR chassis provides the perfect, all-terrain, high payload basis for an almost unlimited range of truly specialised vehicles.

Talk to us. Tell us what you need. Let us design and build the correct vehicle to meet your operational requirements.

"...... One thing you can be sure of is that this is not an SUV. The OVIK design team has produced a vehicle whose style befits its rugged, no-nonsense attitude. Wherever you meet a Crossway, there's no doubting that it means business. From the imposing front-end styling to the special-to-purpose body, everything about Crossway shouts 'business'. This machine certainly isn't designed for the school run"

CROSSWAY - "This machine certainly isn't designed for the school run".

Crossway armoured vehicle

lifeguard armoured vehicle