MEERKAT - Super Light Tracked Vehicle

MEERKAT - Super Light Tracked Vehicle is a modern upgrade for the CVR(T) platform. MEERKAT is a concept demonstrator designed to showcase OVIK's ability to supply spares and repair / upgrade CVR(T) platforms.

MEERKAT brings CVR(T) into the 21st Century with new Cummins 6.7 litre ISB engine, David Brown TN15E+ Transmission (ALLISON fully automatic transmission soon to be available) , STORMER final drives and fully re-fitted canbus electronic architecture. The original light tank turret has been removed and the driver moved from his original and vulnerable position - forward over the tracks - to a position inside the fully protected main hull of the vehicle.

The crew is now reduced to 2 men - cutting the casualty risk by 33%. Driver and commander operate the vehicle from a conventional side-by-side configuation with optional rear seating for additional crew / troops / pax or indeed to accommodate stretchers or command equipment etc.

The vehicle features a fully modular - plug-and-play weapons cassette - allowing weapons re-role across a range of calibres and missile systems in minutes - rather than hours.



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MEERKAT is a 21st century, super-light tracked vehicle born of a re-lifed CVR(T) hull.

OVIK Special Vehicles design and manufacture a range of specialist defence and security vehicles. The OVIK Group has significant experience with the CVR(T) family of vehicles and operates a global CVR(T) spares supply business.

MEERKAT will be available as an upgrade for existing fleets / vehicles or as a new, turn-key build (developed from re-lifed hulls or built from scratch to OVIK’s own hull design) in 2012. MEERKAT is a lean-manned, re-configurable, multi purpose, tracked platform; demonstrating exceptional strategic, operational and tactical mobility, improved protection and flexible lethality.

Produced from a scrapped CVR(T) hull in under five weeks (at full production rate) MEERKAT offers potentially the most cost effective way to re-life existing CVR(T) fleets for 21st century operations.

MEERKAT upgrades are available as:

  • Bespoke kits to existing CVR(T) fleet operators – for domestic upgrade and integration in customer’s home country.
  • Full UK produced upgrades for existing global customers.
  • Turn-key solutions produced entirely in the United Kingdom by OVIK for brand new customers (OVIK will source and supply re-life hulls as required or, alternatively, OVIK can build new hulls to our own design).

OVIK can also offer discreet dieselisation, transmission or electrical upgrades as stand-alone enhancements.


OVIK has a growing expertise and experience with CVR(T) based platfoms. We are one of the World's leading suppliers of genuine original, new, re-life and re-manufactured CVR(T) spares. We have a combined CVR(T) experience within the company totalling many decades, both from an end-user perspective and from an OEM / design and support perspective.

We are one of only two companies worldwide successfully to dieselise CVR(T).

CVR(T) remains a phenominal platform. Anyone who's served with the vehicle will reinforce that sentiment. There are many more decades of useable life in the now ageing CVR(T) hulls - and OVIK is developing a strong business line in the re-fitting and re-lifing of in-service CVR(T) vehicles.

MEERKAT is a demonstration of both our spares support capability (everything on MEERKAT was sourced 'in-house') and our ability to refit and upgrade CVR(T). That isn't to say of course - that as a concept - MEERKAT isn't worth pursuing. Indeed we believe it represents one of the many potential future options for existing CVR(T) operators as they look to the future of the platform.